Introducing a Revolutionary way to iron your collar inside your dryer. Yes, it's that simple! Snap-on the Collar Press to your shirt collar, place it inside the dryer and let the dryer take care of the rest.


From blue collar to white collar. Bartenders to bankers. Busy students to busy parents. Everyone can now get a perfectly pressed collar, easily and conveniently.

How It Works
  • Save Money

    Getting your shirts dry cleaned? Now you don't have to.

  • Save Time

    Instead of standing over an ironing board with a pile of shirts, focus on other aspects of your life while the dryer does the work for you.

  • Easy to Use

    Designed to easily snap together.


The Collar Press offers you two convenient methods to keep your collar crisp.

Method #1:

Off the Hanger from the Closet

Snap-on the Collar Press followed by 10 to 15 Minutes in the dryer on High heat for a refresher before heading out for the day.

Method #2:

Out of the washer and into the Dryer

Take a clean shirt from the washer, snap-on the Collar Press followed by a Regular dryer cycle (30 to 45 mins) on Medium Heat.


We bet you're wondering about the rest of the shirt.

More dryers come with a steam function which helps eliminate wrinkles.

However, steaming won't give you a crisp collar. That's why the Collar Press is the perfect compliment to your steam dryer.

But, don't worry! If you don't have a steam dryer you can also use Wrinkle Fighting Dryer Sheets.

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They have “wrinkle free” shirts these days, why don’t I just buy one of those?

Aside from being expensive and uncomfortable, they contain a chemical called formaldehyde which can cause skin irritation, nausea, respiratory distress and has been linked to cancer. 

Will the product damage the inside of my dryer?

No. The purpose of the magnet is to secure the product to the drum of the dryer as it spins, so it shouldn’t come loose and bounce around.

Will the product melt in the dryer?

Nope! The Collar Press is made with heat-resistant material that will not melt. It’s recommended that you only use the product on Medium Heat for cycles no longer than 45 minutes, and High Heat for a quick 10 to 15 minute refresher. 

What about the rest of the shirt, won't there be wrinkles?

The Steam function on your dryer is a perfect complement to the collar press. If you don’t have that option, you can use anti-wrinkle dryer sheets.